What used to simply be a hobby has bloomed into a passion for showcasing life's moments: I love the opportunity to look back on a picture and be overwhelmed by the vivid memories of the event. I strive to create photographs that will be an eternal reminder of how spectacular life can be and ensuring that each photograph captures a unique and remarkable moment of history.

   "There’s no such thing as a perfect image–only a perfect moment." -  Joe Buissink

A few random tidbits about me...

  •  I married my best friend at 19; we have 3 incredible children together & have been married for 22 years.
  • Our children are 22, 20, and 11 yrs old! It's hard to believe that 2 are "adults" now...seriously, life goes by way too fast. 
  • I am utterly obsessed over my German Shepherd Bella; she is my world & who are we kidding, my 4th child.
  • I am a CANON shooter & camera collector!! 
  • You will always see me in a black t-shirt, with a bottle of Propel, lip-gloss, and my cell phone.
  •  Concert season makes my heart flutter...I adore LIVE music - ALL live music .... and Luke Bryan!
  • I listen to every type of music...country, rock, pop, metal, rap, alternative, and of course the awesome rockin 80's!!  ;)
  • Music & quotes usually explain what’s in my heart better than I can. 
  •  I LOVE close ups - I LOVE emotion - I LOVE captured moments and I always cry during the father & daughter dance at weddings!
  • I also shoot real estate and LOVE it! 



Below is a list of some of the amazingly talented artists I have had the pleasure of working with or have covered for On Tour Magazine.

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